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Starting a business in Estonia

Currently the market contains over 1700 cryptocurrencies, and more are published daily. Estonia is among the first to suggest that legislation governing cryptocurrencies should be adopted.

It is not difficult to start a crypto-currency business and the success of such a venture is almost assured given how the global economy evolves into a digital economy and the number of governments that accept digital money transactions leads to a more attractive market for these properties.

Thanks to its smart people and a special environment that makes IP evolve and sell faster, Estonia has a two-decade track record of successful innovations and investments. Estonia is at the cutting edge of R&D, manufacturing and service for embedded mechatronic devices, with a highly trained workforce and engineering, electronics and IT expertise.

Advantages while starting a business in Estonia

1. E-commerce- Estonia is a rising center for global e-commerce operations. World-class IT skills have produced various e-commerce applications and enablers such as online trust, payments, and digital logistics are driven by leadership roles.

2. Digital Logistics-Estonia is a world market leader in digital logistics growth and operation. Estonia is enhancing supply chain productivity and customer service from the first mile to the last, from data analytics and country single windows to mobile devices and delivery robots.

3. Smart Cities-Estonia has a specialized potential in the design and development of intelligent transport, urban planning, tourism and smart home hardware and software solutions. Advanced digital technology, expertise and customer awareness provide the perfect testbed for research and development.

4. Business Services-Estonia is a developed location for finance, IT and customer services with over 80 captive, BPO and ITO centers and has growing expertise in the supply chain, HR, and process automation.

5. Cuisines-Estonia has a substantial food industry that benefits from environmentally friendly raw materials, skilled workers and modern production facilities. With a proven export capability and growing application of food science and technology, Estonia is the ideal location for investment-focused to export and R&D.

Open your cryptocurrency company in Estonia

Estonia is a rising center of global e-commerce operations. World-class IT capabilities have created diverse e-commerce applications, and leadership positions are powered by enablers such as online trust, payments, and digital logistics.

Those in Estonia who want to start a business in Estonian choose between various types of activities that don't automatically allow MFSA to obtain a particular license. In the past few months, the authorities have also provided the premises for those involved in setting up gambling activities that embrace virtual money as a payment form.

Estonia is a cashless nation with more than 99 percent of financial transactions that occur digitally. Electronic ID and blockchain are widely used in FinTech applications.

Estonia has a diversified energy portfolio that includes long-standing experience in shale oil, a large renewable energy sector and expanded potential in Fintech.

Considering the rapid development of the Estonian fintech sector, we invite you to contact us if you need help starting a crypto-currency company. No matter in which industry you choose to work, you can count on our Estonia lawyers to help you register a company.


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