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Slowly but gradually, Estonia is becoming a recognized European financial hub. Thanks to the facilities foreign investors are offered by the authorities. This is one of the key reasons why the use of cryptocurrency is becoming popular here.

Estonia is one of the first countries to create a clear law on cryptocurrency-related activities in the world and the European Union, thus acknowledging its importance and role in future transactions.

The growth of the financial technology industry has led to digital money being generated which can be used to purchase products over the internet. And cryptocurrency is named the digital currency.

In numbers, early 2018 brought a total market cap of over 230 billion US dollars for Bitcoin and a rise of 17.5 percent on the financial markets of Ethereum.

Current Cryptocurrency Market

When you intend to start a cryptocurrency company you should first figure out what kind of operation is right for you, because there are plenty of choices out there. Among the most popular recipes are digital coin mining, cryptocurrency exchanges and initial coin offerings which everyone knows as ICOs.

The Cryptocurrency markets are very unpredictable. The valuation of cryptocurrency is not dependent on factors such as stocks that are dependent on the intrinsic value of a company. You could end up losing money very quickly which you did not get first. Therefore, Estonia could make one of the best places to set up a crypto-currency business. Go and register a company in Estonia online.

Advantages of opening a company in Estonia

The market currently contains more than 1700 cryptocurrencies, and more are released daily. Estonia is one of the first to propose introducing legislation that regulates cryptocurrencies.

Starting a cryptocurrency company is not difficult and the success of such a venture is almost guaranteed given how the global economy transforms into a digital economy and the number of governments embracing digital money transactions is that, contributing to a more competitive demand for such assets

This would be a big step towards accepting transactions with Bitcoins and other digital assets, according to authorities there. It will also open the door for acceptance of other cryptocurrencies, and drive other countries in the same direction. So get swift and register a company in Estonia online

You’re Cryptocurrency Company in Estonia

Given the rapid growth of the fintech sector in Estonia, we invite you to contact us if you need help starting a cryptocurrency business. Whichever industry you want to work in, you can count on our Estonian lawyers to help you register a firm.

Many in Estonia who want to open crypto-monetary companies can choose between various types of activities that don't automatically allow MFSA to obtain a particular license. In the past few months, the authorities have also provided the premises for those involved in setting up gambling activities that embrace virtual money as a payment form.


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