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Online Company Registration Estonia

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin undoubtedly have become two of the most popular and used terms in the fields of finance and IT in nowadays. The Bitcoin's huge success and head-whirling value have inspired many individuals to try their luck and launch their digital coins.

The financial technology industry's growth has led to the creation of digital money that can be used to buy items over the Internet. And that digital currency is called cryptocurrency.

In numbers, early 2018 brought for Bitcoin a total market value of over 230 billion US dollars and an increase of 17.5 percent on Ethereum's stock markets.

Types of Cryptocurrency companies

If you are planning to start a cryptocurrency business you should first find out what type of activity is best for you, because there are plenty of options out there. Digital coin mining, cryptocurrency exchanges and initial coin offerings that everyone knows as ICOs are among the most successful recipes.

The markets in the Cryptocurrency are very volatile. Cryptocurrency value is not based on fundamentals such as stocks which are based on a firm's intrinsic value. You might very easily end up losing money that you didn't get first. Therefore, Estonia could make one of the best places to set up a crypto-currency business.

Online Company Registration Estonia

Estonia is slowly but surely becoming a known financial center in Europe. Thanks to the facilities provided by the authorities to foreign investors. This is one of the main reasons why crypto-currency use has become common here.

Estonia is one of the first countries in the world and the European Union to establish a specific law on cryptocurrency-related activities, thereby recognizing its importance and role in future transactions.

Today the market contains over 1700 cryptocurrencies and more are launched each day. Estonia is one of the first countries to propose adopting a law that controls cryptocurrencies. According to authorities there, this will be an important step towards recognizing transactions with Bitcoins and other digital assets. It will also open the door for other cryptocurrencies to be recognized, and push other countries in the same direction.

Starting a cryptocurrency business is not complicated and the success of such a venture is almost guaranteed given how the global economy evolves into a digital economy and the number of governments that accept digital money transactions is increasing, which will lead to a more stable market for these assets. So hurry up and apply for the Online Company Registration Estonia.

Hurry up and open your cryptocurrency company in Estonia

Those who want to open crypto-monetary companies in Estonia can choose between different types of activities that do not necessarily require MFSA to obtain a specific license. The authorities have also created the premises over the last few months for those interested in setting up gambling activities that accept virtual money as a means of payment.

Considering the rapid development of the Estonian fintech sector, we invite you to contact us if you need help starting a crypto-currency company. No matter in which industry you choose to work, you can count on our Estonia lawyers to help you register a company.


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