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Cryptocurrency investment Estonia

Updated: May 24, 2020

The Estonian national automated identity program already started to use a blockchain variant in 2008. In 2016, the Estonian government was looking for new and creative ways to protect its 1.3 million citizen’s health records. Now all our health records, which have been fully digitized for quite some time now, are securely secured by the same technology that Bitcoin uses.

Estonia has a long tradition of productive companies and a government that operates like a start-up. Generally speaking, smaller countries are more agile and scalable, have shorter feedback loops between start-ups and regulators, and improvements can be introduced faster than in larger countries.

Estonia is one of the world's most digitally-enabled countries, where 99 percent of public services are now accessible online, businesses can be established electronically, and now changes in the ownership of company shares can even be made through the Internet.

Open a Cryptocurrency company in Estonia

Estonia has a two-decade track record of productive inventions and investments thanks to its smart people and a special ecosystem that helps IP to grow and sell more quickly. Estonia is at the cutting edge of R&D, manufacturing and service for mechatronic applications with embedded devices, with a highly skilled workforce and expertise in engineering, electronics, and IT.

Estonia is a rising center for global e-commerce operations. World-class IT skills have produced various e-commerce applications and enablers such as online trust, payments, and digital logistics are driven by leadership roles.

In 2001, Estonia created X-Road, its proprietary, open, distributed network, and since 2008 has been using blockchain. World-class technological skills backed by practical experience implementing the public and made blockchain's put Estonia at the forefront of the emerging blockchain economy.

Massive Business opportunities in Estonia

Estonia is a cashless country with over 99 percent of digitally occurring financial transactions. Blockchain and electronic ID are commonly used in FinTech applications.

Estonia has a diversified energy sector that includes long-standing oil shale experience, a strong renewable energy sector, and increased Fintech ability. World-class expertise should see Estonia play a leading role in the energy revolution in a highly digital, pro-business environment.

Estonia strives to be the focus of attention in cryptocurrencies

Investors whose company we supported in Estonia have repeatedly suggested that online investment procedures are of great interest "noted RaidoLember, director of the cryptocurrency investment Estonia. Now, it is possible after six months of hard work from the Estonian Government, the Parliament, Start-up Estonia, and others.

World-class human resources, advanced digital skills, a favorable market climate, and an advantageous tax structure make Estonia an insightful, agile location for globally ambitious companies.

The e-residency program helps entrepreneurs from around the world to create and run a completely online EU-based business without ever having to leave their home country. As e-residents already 63,000 people from 167 countries entered the new nation of Estonia.


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