Registration requirements

To have a fully registered blockchain company in Estonia, the applicants are required to submit the following documents for consideration;


The company name and contact details

  • Company list of activities

  • Passport copies of directors and shareholders

  • Shareholders and board member’s names and contact details

  • A further list of activities the client may need

  • Payment modules

  • Paid up share capital of 12,000 Sterling pounds

Company registration takes up to 2 days and costs 2,000 Sterling pounds with 500 Sterling
pounds per year for the authorized contact person.

Estonia Company licensing

Despite successfully acquiring registration for the company, it cannot be allowed to conduct any operations without the acquisition of the operation licenses.

Companies can use either of the two types of licenses available;

  1. Cryptocurrency wallet services or

  2. Currency exchange licenses


License applications in Estonia can only be granted to resident companies. Residency means having a registered office in Estonia with at-least 1 shareholder and board member. The company must also appoint a qualified specialist to act as a compliance officer.

Licensing costs up to 12,000 Sterling pounds and takes 2-6 weeks

Requirements for licensing

  • A registered office addresses

  • Directors passport copies

  • Registered bank account

  • Certificate for criminal record clearance

  • AML officer

  • A brief of directors

  • Proof of share capital minimum payments of 12,000 sterling pounds.

The application will take up to 60 days, and the license allows businesses to;

  1. Provide cryptocurrencies and digital wallet services.

  2. Exchange cryptocurrencies against fiat currency.

  3. Exchange cryptocurrencies against other cryptocurrencies.

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Exploring The Estonia Company Registration Project


Having successfully facilitated the issuance of 250+ company licenses,estoniacompanyregistration remains a key pillar to the link between professionalism and the Estonia’s progressive blockchain industry.

While the Estonia government continues to create a globally competitive economic environment to entrepreneurs, private players have equally continued to play an extensive role in nurturing and shaping the market dynamics through empowerment of companies.


Estonia ranks amongst the best tax friendly and countries offers ease business conditions while making acquisition of government services accessible.

Estonia Company registration

Estoniacompanyregistration takes full care of the full procedures and factors required for the effective operationalization of an Estonia company registration project. It plans, guides,
operationalize and nurture companies on behalf of our clients.


Estoniacompanyregistration offers clients services for the following types of businesses;


  • Limited liability companies

  • Private limited liability companies

  • General partnerships

  • Public joint stock companies

The company offers clients the options of buying an already established company or starting a new company from scratch. The benefits of buying an established company include;

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  • Immediate cash flow streams

  • Enjoyment of the established Company’s goodwill

  • The company will enjoy an existing market

  • An experienced workforce

Estoniacompanyregistration helps clients analyze the best possible options based on the client’s needs and objectives for the establishment.

Starting a new company grants it the rights to start and flourish through setting up its own path, trends, market and tuning employees towards its objectives. This helps the company build a traceable history while assessing and managing future obligations.

Opening of a bank account

Having had the most rigid financial transaction systems, Blockchains ae slowly adapting and accommodating other modes of financial transactions. Estoniacompanyregistration enables its cryptocurrency clients have an access to the most flexible transaction modes.

Initially, blockchain platforms would only accept trading with virtual currencies. However, as  the crypto-platforms continue to evolve, they are slowly accepting the use of fiat currency for trading against the digital currency.

Blockchain accept the use of both credit and debit cards in the transfer of tokens. This however does not exclude the use of traditional banking modules. Opening a bank account in Estonia depends on the entrepreneur’s needs for the account and the conveniences.

Most e-residents from far away locations would prefer use of digital financial institutions for purposes of convenience.

What does Estoniacompanyregistration do for you?

Being players’ key players in the industry, our consultancy understands the Estonia company registration project procedures, requirements and constitutional legislations involved in the business licensing. It helps clients in the;


  • Preparation of company M.A and A.A

  • Drafting and submission of the application requests and all the accompanying documents

  • Provision of directors and shareholders with the compliance manuals

  • Drafting of all other documents as may be required for the purposes of licensing

Why you should open a company in Estonia

In its fullness, Estonia understands the importance of entrepreneurship to the economy and has entirely tapped into its potential while trying to maximize on its output to the country’s economy.

Estonia is always aiming at creating a convenient environment that seeks to promote the entrepreneurship culture. Estonia explores options that continue to encourage and empower its citizens despite their controversial stature.

Estonia is considered convenient because;

  • It allows for conducting of paper work online

  • It provides for e-Residency to anyone around the world

  • Allows for business management online

  • Allows for banking online

  • Allows for government services administration online

  • Administers a simple and transparent tax system

  • It accommodates emerging entrepreneurs

  • Has no geographical operation limit

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Estonia Cryptocurrency Company taxation

Offering liberal taxation policies, the Estonia company registration project serves as a breeding ground for company’s start-ups and makes it attractive for implementation of long term blockchain projects.

The Estonia’s legislations advantage entrepreneurs because;

  • It allows for no minimum wage requirements.

  • It allows for no corporate income tax. Tax is chargeable at 20% on the profit share.

  • It allows for no requirement for filling reports in the event of an unassessed VAT tax and payroll.

  • Company employees can register for a permanent residency permit where the companyexperiences increased operations.

Estoniacompanyregistration has a team of tax savvy experts who help our clients’ crunch areas of difficulties such as

  • In the document verifications, registrations and registration of shareholders digital signatures on the e-residency platform.

  • Guiding the clients to make sure that they access authentic sites and comply with authentic documents.

  • Assessment, preparation and compliance to the suitable company legislation and the regulatory requirements.

  • Opening of new bank accounts, registration for tax codes and compliance to all government operational policies.

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