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Estonia Company Registration is a trusted partner for gaining exposure to Estonia’s burgeoning blockchain landscape. The firm offers a wide range of services in compliance with the Baltic nation's crypto regulations

The company boasts of the largest blockchain networks, in the region ideal, for anyone looking to gain a head start in the cryptocurrency business. It is backed by Consulting24, a team with lots of experience in blockchain technology and legal aspects of decentralized systems.


Estonia Company Registrations has invested over £500,000, affirming its commitment and focus towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is also working on four new blockchain projects poised to provide tremendous investment opportunities in the future.

Estonia Company Registration would be an ideal partner for anyone looking to set base in Estonia and launch a crypto or blockchain enterprise. The firm is there to help from all the gateways or technical solutions.

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Starting a Cryptocurrency Company in Estonia

Ease of compliance has seen Estonia emerge as a hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. The country boasts of a two-decade track record of productive innovation and investment around the revolutionary blockchain technology. It is also home to smart people and a special ecosystem that helps IP grow and sell more quickly.

Likewise, the country has emerged a rising center for global e-commerce powered by the revolutionary blockchain technology. World-class IT skills have resulted in the development of various e-commerce applications while enabling online trust payment and digital logistics.

The fact that the country is cashless, with over 99% of digitally occurring financial transactions, makes it perfect for setting up a cryptocurrency and blockchain company or project. Blockchain and electronic IDs have gone mainstream in the Baltic nation.

While the country is best known for its diversified energy sector, blockchain technology is poised to take the industry to new heights. World-class human resources supplemented by advanced digital skills make Estonia an agile location for ambitious people and entities looking to start cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

The e-Residency program is a perfect fit for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs looking to create and run an online-based business. The program has already seen over 63,000 people from 167 countries enter and set up businesses.

Estonia Company Registration: The Best Crypto Investment Partner In Estonia


Estonia was once a struggling economy within the Eurozone economic block but not anymore.The Baltic nation has emerged as a blockchain and cryptocurrency hub thanks to friendly regulations that continue to spur innovation and investments. is one of the companies spearheading the blockchain revolution, allowing companies and
individuals, worldwide, set base and pursue opportunities around the revolutionary technology.

Why Invest in Estonia Cryptocurrency  Blockchain Landscape?

The time is ripe to pursue Estonia cryptocurrency license. The country has built a reputation for being the most advanced nation in the adaption of decentralized technology. In recent years,the country's legislative body, department of justice, education, healthcare, and banking sectors have all been digitized under the e-Estonia project.

Estonia has also introduced e-Residency, a concept that allows non-Estonian citizens to apply for citizenship with the Estonian government. The Estonia e-residency program enables the signing and authentication of documents digitally. It also ensures access to the business registry
anywhere and makes it possible to operate business remotely without the need of a local director or office.

Tech entrepreneurs looking to invest in the country’s burgeoning blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape can do so as promises to ease the
compliance process.


The country also boasts of the most affordable and simple licensing process for setting up acryptocurrency exchange. Estonia is the place to be for any person or entity looking to becomea cryptocurrency wallet provider. Estonia Cryptocurrency Registration Company is also a trustedpartner for any person or entity looking for crypto licenses in Estonia.

New company registration and Estonia cryptocurrency license cost £20,000. Besides,entrepreneurs stand to enjoy zero tax on retained profits compared to 20% tax charged on distributed entities. The ease of compliance is assured, given that every filling is done electronically or with the help of Estonia Company Registration.

Estonia has also issued the most cryptocurrency licenses underscoring its edge when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency development. Similarly, the country has emerged as a preferred destination for investors eyeing opportunities in the segment thank to friendly crypto regulations.

Also, crypto licenses in Estonia do not require any deposit. A 0% corporate tax on offer affirms Estonia’s edge as the best environment for testing and building blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

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Crypto Businesses to Start in Estonia

Armed with Estonia cryptocurrency license, there are two types of cryptocurrency businesses that one can start.


  • Virtual Wallet Service

  • Crypto Exchange

Virtual Wallet Service

Thanks to's Consulteam24 team, it is easy to start and operate a virtual wallet service. In this case, an entity can specialize in offering virtual currency hot and cold wallet services. Such businesses specialize in generating private keys for protecting and
storing crypto holdings.

Crypto Exchange

With the help of Estonia Company Registration, it is very much possible to start a cryptocurrency exchange for exchanging fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, and crypto to crypto. The Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit issues the operating licenses for such businesses


Applying For Estonia Crypto License Requirements

  • One must have a criminal record for all shareholders with more than 25% of the equity

  • Identification documents, i.e. Passport copies of board members and shareholders

  • CVs of board members and shareholders Description of business model

Advantages of Starting Blockchain Businesses in Estonia

People are turning to to start businesses to take advantage of the country’s global e-commerce operations. The country is home to world-class IT skills ideal for launching various e-commerce applications and enable online trust, payments, and digital logistics

Likewise, the country is a market leader when it comes to digital logistics and operations. It is also home to enhanced supply chain productivity and customer service. Besides, the country has specialized potential when it comes to the development of intelligent transport urban planning made possible by advanced digital technology an expertise and customer awareness.

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