Securely Investing In Blockchains

Despite being one of the most valuable investments at the current age, cryptocurrency investments in Estonia are equally considered as risky ventures that offer an all-time risky choice to investors.

To ensure that entrepreneurs invest in secure exchanges, they will need to;

  • Brace for volatility.


As one of the most volatile sectors, there exist strong fluctuations in prices. As a result, this would either cause vast gains or losses.

Despite having taken over the financial market, cryptocurrency is still in the infancy stages. For all investors wishing to invest in it, it must understand that its development can go either direction, which equally attracts challenges that might come with it.

  • Research exchanges


Estonia serves as home to more than 500 cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges provide different trading rates, and facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in different currencies. Therefore, to make a kill out of it, it would be prudent to do more research.

  • Investment diversification


In any form of business, diversification yields more benefits because it accrues gains from
different baskets. Same way for cryptocurrencies, diversification of investments would enable investors to invest in numerous different currencies and exchanging thereby increasing the chances of yielding more profits.

It also acts as a volatility shock absorber, which means in the event of loss from a given exchange, there is security from another investment.


  • Understand your Cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrencies have many dynamics. To secure their investments, entrepreneurs are encouraged first to understand how to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies in their digital currency.

Exchanges offer different kinds of wallets, and all pose various benefits and security levels.

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Opening Up For Cryptocurrency Investment In Estonia


Built on the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies have presented an intense discussion topic over the past few years. They are both profitable and lead to colossal loss-making in equal measures within a short period.

Estonia has grown to become the leading cryptocurrency destination within the European Union. As a result, the Estonian government continues to gear up its policies and infrastructures, thereby creating an enabling environment for both established and upcoming crypto-companies.

The Growth Of Cryptocurrency In Estonia


Despite operating on a decentralized form of environment,  cryptocurrencie's growth is a result of joint efforts from multiple efforts. Behind the growth lies a team of experts who took up the
idea, expanded it, and sharpened it in a manner that fulfills the right purposes.


The blockchain technology faces a lack of adequate knowledge and understanding. Despite that, they are equally facing persistent attacks from the mainstream financial sector.


The fairly complex and technical process operating the blockchain market is the main attraction from investors, while scampering and discouraging hackers from accessing their virtual currency wallets emerges as one special form of a blockchain champion that acts as a financial consultant in the blockchain industry. It bridges the gap between the blockchain enthusiast and the existing protocols while still exploring maximum benefits.
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Registering Your Cryptocurrency

The legal frameworks that serve the cryptocurrency investment in Estonia do not require any different procedures. The procedures for registration are similar to that of other company’s type facilitated in Estonia.

For the case of cryptocurrencies, though, the Estonia Financial unit may require additional documentation to understand your financial activities.


Like all the other companies, Blockchain companies must submit their financial accounts returns and remit tax returns. However, they are exempted from payment of VAT taxes because Blockchain in Estonia is an exempted service.

Being a developing but controversial sector, Cryptocurrency companies are subject to more scrutiny. They may experience a lot more in terms of regulations, which might force them to provide reports to the FIU routinely.

Operating A Bank Account For A Cryptocurrency Company

Cryptocurrencies serve as one of the most immediate financial sector threats to traditional financial institutions. As such, these financial sectors pose the most substantial obstacle to owning a bank account by the Crypto-companies.

Accommodating entrepreneurs to the blockchain sector require that they get the necessary conveniences regarding funds transfers to and from their bank accounts.

Therefore, traditional financial institutions have set-up stringent measures aimed at curtailing the growth of this sector, which strongly affects their financial well-being. However, there are fast emerging solutions to these hurdles in the form of "fintech."


FinTech's allow cryptocurrency companies to trade with their customers while experiencing minimal inconveniences conveniently. They are keen to offer services to e-Residents of Estonia and enable them to handle digital and fiat currencies.


They are considered risky and safe habitats for money laundering activities and other financial frauds.

To learn more about Bitcoin check Buy BitcoinWhat is Bitcoin or What is Crypto.

Crypto-Company Licensing

Operating a virtual-currency in Estonia would require licensing. The license would grant the company the rights to;

  • Exchange digital currency against fiat currency

  • Provide Cryptocurrency wallet service


They are issued through the FIU, an Estonian police department branch. It may take between 4 to 6 weeks to obtain a license.

Registering and operating a company in Estonia is way faster and cheaper than other European Union countries. Estonia attracts numerous crypto-company investments owing to its cheap and accommodating legislative structures.

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