A Guide To Cryptocurrencies Company Registration In Estonia

Estonia is one of the fastest-growing countries in terms of digitization, and that is mostly thanks to its desire to become a top tech hub. It has seen the company transform into one of the most accommodative jurisdictions for cryptocurrencies. Consequently, it has become an attractive hub for crypto and blockchain companies, mainly due to its streamlined and favorable regulatory situation.


Although Estonia is an attractive country for local and foreign crypto companies looking to set up shop in the country, it is not as easy as it might seem. One wrong move might mean your company will not be approved to operate in the country. This is why platforms such as www.estoniacompanyregistration.com exist to facilitate cryptocurrency companies’ registration in Estonia with less friction.

What is www.estoniacompanyregistration.com?

It is an online service that is dedicated to helping companies legally offer their cryptocurrency or blockchain companies to launch their operations. The first convenience is not having to visit some offices in the country to get the paperwork. Any individuals planning to start a company can visit the website where they can set the application process in motion by filling in the necessary details and following the prompts on the website.

Why consider going through the website for company registration services 

It is arguably the fastest way you can achieve the desired results, which in this case, is likely to start providing crypto or blockchain-related services as soon as possible. Time is thus of the essence, and going t it alone might slow you down, especially if you do not know the necessary procedure. For example, a foreigner planning to launch his/her company might not know Estonia's laws for cryptocurrencies. 


Registering a cryptocurrency company in Estonia might be slowed down if you decide to take time to understand the guidelines. However, Estoniacompanyregistration.com does a great job guiding the clients through the right channels while also briefing them on the instructions, thus saving time. The digital approach is especially ideal for e-citizens. 

Estonia provides e-residency to foreigners, which is a crucial step, especially if you plan to run the company digitally from outside the country. Some of the added benefits to this approach include access to a digital registry no matter where you are in the world as long as you have internet, the ability to operate your business remotely, and signing documents digitally. You are also not required to have a physical office, and so you get to save on some costs.

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What you should know about the company registration process in Estonia

Cryptocurrency companies’ registration in Estonia is much easier than in other countries because Estonia has already created a legal framework to embrace crypto and blockchain technology. The registration process means you have to secure the necessary licenses to allow your business to operate legally and under the required regulatory oversight.


Cryptocurrency companies in Estonia re required to have two types of licenses. The first is a license to provide exchange services, and the second is a license to provide virtual wallet services. The latter is a license that allows the business to provide hot and cold virtual wallet services for cryptocurrencies. The license is only issued once a company has fulfilled various requirements that are meant to ensure high-security standards so that users will not lose their funds through theft. The exchange service license allows businesses to provide crypto buying and selling services to Estonians interested in cryptocurrencies.

The Financial Intelligence Unit issues the licenses after the applicants fulfill the requirements. For example, if you are applying for the crypto licenses in Estonia, you will be required to provide a business model description, the CVs of your shareholders, and board members. You will also be required to submit passport copies of the shareholders and board members. You also have to provide criminal records of the shareholders. Of course, you will also need a name for the company, a phone number, email address, and physical address. 

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What to expect when you go through the website when registering your company

Registering your company through estoniacompanyregistration.com does not mean that you will go through the process alone. You will be provided with a highly experienced team from Consulting24 whose job will help you navigate every aspect. The result is that they can help you achieve your goal of registering your company in Estonia as smoothly and as smoothly.

The team will provide the necessary guidance, such as helping you navigate the legal process and the licensing process and the costs involved in the entire journey. The good thing is that they provide you with all this convenience at a price that will not break the bank. It is also a good idea to go through the website because it will increase the likelihood of success. 

Another critical aspect of going through the registration process on the website is that since the team is committed to helping you achieve your goal, they will help you secure a bank account. The latter is vital for running crypto or blockchain operations in Estonia. Going at it alone might limit your chances of getting a local bank account due to a lack of trust. However, the website and its team work closely with more than 40 banks and financial institutions. They can thus be the link you need to secure a bank account that will allow you to provide crypto services in the country.


The good thing is that if you go through the right process, you will be able to register your company within 60 days. It is excellent, especially for any individual or organization that wants to run its operations in Estonia as fast as possible to take advantage of opportunities in the market.


Registering a cryptocurrency company in Estonia is now easier than ever before, thanks to estoniacompanyregistration.com. The great thing is that it can be done online and as fast, thus delivering a high-efficiency level.

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